Direct Support Professional of the Year – Abeba Wright Image

Abeba (Bebe) Wright is a rock star in the community of Moscow, Idaho. She supports Jedediah (Jed) to be independent, an active participant in cool activities, and also a community rock star.

Jed is dependent on others for self-care. He needs support, from positioning, to feeding, bathing, grooming, toileting, transferring, etc. Taking care of Jed can be demanding, but Bebe takes it in stride. She cares not only about his physical needs, but his emotional and social needs to make sure Jed is well-connected and is enjoying life.

Having fun is a big part of Bebe’s care for Jed. Linda, Jed’s mom, comments about their shared love for having fun while rocking out to music, “She puts on music that Jed likes, even just brushing his teeth or washing his hair. She has him ‘dance’ in his wheelchair and he’s always so proud to show me his ‘freeze dance’.”

Even when times are not fun, Bebe brings positivity to the situation. A few months ago, Jed was in the hospital with a shunt malfunction. Bebe’s daughter and her friends made a special video for Jed and told him how much they miss him, and to come back soon.

Bebe is all about doing interesting things with Jed in the community and even way above the community.

“One thing Jed told me since the time I started working with him was that he wishes he can fly in the airplane. He says that each time he sees the aircraft fly by… I started taking him to Pullman and park by the airport so he can see it closer and that makes him excited. Then I decided to try make his dream came true. I spoke to the airport manager and arrange it. Jed flew in the helicopter around Pullman and Moscow area for a half-hour. I think that is one of the happiest moment of his life. Until this day, Jed tells me, “Thank you for making me fly like a bird.” There is no better joy than hearing that from my client. I love to make connections with my client that can last a lifetime, and that is tremendously rewarding to me.” – Bebe

We all have the ability to be rock stars, and sometimes with the right band mate, it can lead to new heights. Thank you Abeba for your amazing service. We are very proud to have you as one of our 2019 Direct Support Professionals of the Year!

Your Consumer Direct Care Network Team