Macy sitting dressed in professional attire with a big smile.

Macy is Houlton’s direct support professional (DSP), and together they’re a great team who bring a vibrant energy to their community in Boise, Idaho. Houlton, 21 years old (will be 22 in September), enjoys his job at Five Guys, playing Scrabble, and watching Marvel movies. He loves sports such as baseball and skiing, and enjoys exercising his musical talent. He has always been passionate about being active in the community, and being paired with Macy has made this passion more accessible. Theresa (Houlton’s mom) praises Macy’s influence on Houlton by saying,

She helped Houlton overcome an obstacle to his independence and employability with a clever technique. Simply by sprinkling baking soda on the carpet before Houlton vacuums, he has learned to effectively clean the entire area rather than just going through the motions or requiring countless prompts to get the job done. This newfound competence has generalized to other cleaning skills such as washing dishes, sweeping, and cleaning mirrors. His success recently culminated in getting a job at a burger restaurant as a lobby attendant where he regularly sweeps and cleans tables.

Macy embraces being a direct support professional and the culture of caring. These values were instilled through observing the care her uncle received since he was little boy. Now in his 60’s, her uncle has “thrived being in an environment where people care and he is loved,” says Macy. She brings this same approach to her profession. When asked what it means to be a DSP, trust looms large for Macy:

Being a DSP means:

I am trusted to treat and care for the people/person I work for as if they were my own family.
I am trusted to help them to learn, to grow and have experiences in a safe environment.
I am trusted to help provide a quality of life they deserve.

Through my work as a DSP I have learned, grown with my person through growing pains and found great happiness in their happiness. For me being a Direct Support Professional means I have learned that trust is bringing others happiness and that is where true happiness lies.

We are proud to honor Macy Henze as one of the selected 2018 Direct Support Professional of the Year. Thank you, Macy, for the service you provide, the values you display, and the professionalism you embody. We appreciate you as a DSP, a trusted member of the community, and a valued member of the Consumer Direct Care Network.

Your Consumer Direct Care Network Team