Jann, Jim and Jared posing with medals of completion at the end of the half marathon.

Idaho resident Jim Kinnard turned 17 on July 6 and celebrated his birthday over the weekend in Montana by running in the Missoula Marathon. Running with his mom, Jann, and his community service worker, Jared, with his dad, Jeff, watching in attendance, Jim completed the half marathon in 2:23:48. This is the third half marathon Jim has completed fulfilling the family’s motto of “We run because we can.”

Jim is training for his first triathlon the end of this month and has just joined a local non-profit team who run races pushing special needs participants in a “race chair.” He will be a “pusher” in a 5k race later this month. Jim is a role model and advocate for independence and community inclusion in Idaho and the Northwest. He is the “spirit leader” of his high school varsity cheerleader team and played in Hoopfest in Spokane this June, being crowned champion of the unified division. He also volunteers at a therapeutic horsemanship ranch.

Jim has a rare form of cerebral palsy and has speech and learning challenges, ADHD, and a history of seizures and anxiety issues. To maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, Jim receives services from Consumer Direct Care Network Idaho. We are so happy Jim and his team could run in the Missoula Marathon. Thank you Jim and happy birthday!

– Consumer Direct Care Network Team

Jim and Jann at the finish of the Missoula Marathon:
“It went good. I felt like I pushed myself hard, but I thought I did good,” said Jim.

“The race was awesome! The community’s support was so great! The fireworks at the start and the fans out cheering and providing sprinklers and entertainment (one guy was playing the piano in his front yard). The shirts, medals, post-race photos and certificates are all great memorabilia. Thanks Consumer Direct for sponsoring Jim and this race! We will be back next year with a bigger group!” commented Jann Kinnard.