Selfie picture of Rick and his daughter

My wife and I grew up in southeastern Idaho, living a block from each other. Being high school sweethearts, we have been married for thirty-four years. Neither of us had been touched by someone special in our younger years. We were blessed with our son in 1983 and our daughter in 1986. When our daughter was ten months old, she became very ill. We took her to the hospital. They said she had the flu and sent us home with directions to take Tylenol and drink a lot of liquid. She was later diagnosed with spinal meningitis. Since no treatment was given, our daughter has devastating and lasting consequences. She has a seizure disorder, cerebral palsy and learning disabilities.

At the age of eighteen months, she entered her first developmental center. From five years old to twenty-one, she attended public school before entering into adult centers. Because she was not enjoying life in these centers, we decided to go Self-Direct. Since making the decision, we have been honored to know many children and adults with disabilities in Self-Direct Services. It is important for people with disabilities to have control and “say” in how they spend each and every day. Our daughter is happy when she wakes up and looks forward to her day. We are making sure she is doing what makes her happy.

We enjoy boating and woodworking and include the children as much as possible.

Rick – Peer Network Member
Meridian, Idaho


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